Prayer Request

Benjamin Mansell, September 25, 2020 - 12:16 pm

I pray Jesus Christ fills Joy in this day. I pray Jesus Christ gives you life and fills you with his spirit of love. When you are feeling a bit tired from life, i ask and pray our Lord refreshes you in emotions and spirit. When you are ever weary I pray Gods purpose and love to carry you through. I pray of only God's love and Joy so even when tired you can rejoice. God knows and his love endures forever. I pray for your family. I pray they too know and experience God's love always. I pray for sound mind renewed to function in God's purpose. I pray for the physical strength to carry you through this day that God has created. I pray Jesus Christ's Help to prune and for you to not experience anything that drain you or sucks your energy or creates negativity. I ask all this in our Lord Jesus Christ forever